Your Beauty is Comfortable

Happiness doesn’t come in sizes
Why starve yourself,
Your worth is not measured
According to your body
Why Cry,
                 They bully you
                      To feel good of themselves
Why Shy away,
For criticism doesn’t mean imperfection
It means beauty with Comfort.


screenshot_2018-10-02-11-13-24-985005398.png Lost in an enchanted land of craze
Our souls yearn to be close
My body is left in shambles
With thoughts of you
Running through my mind
Your intense stare
Drives a power through me
Sapping me of all strength
And leaving me in the state of
You put my body in chills
in a consuming fire
My nipples are numb
From the thrust of your warm fingers
Caressing down my cleavage to my clits
There my inner cells ignites as you plant a kiss.
Tied up and blindfolded you tease me
And wrap yourself around my body
Butterflies gather in my tummy
As you gently touch my inner thighs
I let myself go
In my most defenseless state I take you in
slowly and slowly
And a loud pound from my heart pubk ,pubk, pubk
There I close my eyes to the night of passion.

The Unexpected Awaits Us.

We start from the bottom
Day and night
Working out our way
To see the unknown.
It is in the unknown all the good stuff happens , they say.
And when the harsh reality strikes in without any warning,
We follow our hearts
Where the great things happens.
No matter what you know
They tell us,
A friend today may become a foe tomorrow AndI stood still
To process what they say each time
But we never know what time holds for us
Whether it becomes our friend or enemy
The unexpected eventually awaits us.


When I First met you.

When I First met you
Heartbeats became a feeling for the brave
Sending me to the land of immortality
Where laying at your side
Gave me the powers of a knight.

When I First met you
I was lost in thoughts
And dumbfounded
With crazy things running through my mind
I found myself daydreaming
Reminiscing your beautiful smiles
Which bloomed like a flower

When I First met you
Your relaxed ambience got me
Sinking in your brilliance
And a handshake from you
Ignited fire of passion
within me.

When I First met you
Moonlight shimmered on my face
As I walked along the
Busy roads of town
And your warm touch
Shielding me from risky drivers
Slapped me on the shoulders
With your sound affections.

When I First met you
Sitting on those cold stairs
Your continuous glare
Made me realize how
Shy I was
This won me the sweet
Nickname from you
The queen of shyness

When I First met you
My cheeks turned pink
And I knew deep down
My heart that I loved you.

Tales of the heart


My face glows at your sight,
Like the early sunrise,
You look me in the eyes
And caress me with your long stares
Every morning I see your face
Your smile digs deep into me
Like the ragging sea.
Listening to your heart
So pure and sweet.
As you hold me in your arms
I melt in the scenery of love.

I tried convincing myself
It was alright
Time would heal my wounds
It never came
My sore heart kept bleeding
Blood oozed from it
Like the stream of life
Overwhelmed with shame
And nothing left of me
But pain and heartache
To forever remember
with my hopes and dreams shattered
My heart was soon diminished
In tears and screams
Sounding the tales of my heart.

Weary Bones.


My soul withers in sorrow
those of my own rejected me in shame
Lost in the Will of life,
I allow my soul decay.
Darkness became my mocking companion.
Embracing it in disgrace ,
As a delicacy i enjoyed it.
Racing with eagles became my hobby
So I soared high in the wind
trying to revive my weary bones.


Dreaming of the arms that held me tight
makes me search for freedom I always long for
underneath the silver moon
I kept wondering who my parents were
keeping me hungrier
I yearned for that soft and tender arms which carried me when I was born
each day came with another torture of slavery
with the shadow of tears mocking me
I stayed up all night wetting my pillow with thick blue tears
craving for the end of this
grey dawn


to be born with a disability

does not mean impossibility

you need to focus in creativity

to  prove to others you’ve got a specialty

everyone has a purpose

your disability does  not mean impossibility

it really means  specialty

be bold, take up the challenge

prove to the world   , yes you can !

it shouldn’t be a problem ; use it to your advantage

Everlasting love

your love like fire
leading me to desires
let your love draw me closer to you
so i can have more of you
creeping into your bolsom
your voice roars like a wagging storm burning through the seas
looking into your eyes i find salvation
i run into your arms where there is comfort
nothing compares to the love you have for me
light of the world,you reign forever


I wandered lonely in the middle of the streets of Accra
where all at once the hands of every clock came to a halt
it seemed I was walking in an endless profound tunnel
flashes of sweet memories of you kept me in the deepest part of thoughts
my heart bled ,my soul wept
you seemed so close yet so far
there,I  realized we could never be together
how I wish the hands of time could turn around and bring you back to me